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Buxton Hanley Pty Ltd
Our mission is to curate a range of high quality lifestyle products that are produced sustainably and ethically, and make a positive contribution the the environment and society. Each of the brands we represent has eco-friendliness and upliftment at its core and is committed to quality.  In short - we bring products to Australia and New Zealand that literally make the world a better place
Innovative Aussie created plastic free concentrated dissolvable cleaning products that work. Better for the planet, better for you and bonus - they take up minimal storage space!
EORTH® is an old English word for Earth. EORTH® is taking you back to that time, with plastic free products for your home. We're going back to a time before single use plastic — with a modern twist. It's time to remove the plastic products at the source, as we work on the solutions to the plastic problem. Where possible we source local Australian ingredients and use Australian Botanicals in our skin care products.
Euclove Clean Pty Ltd
Our story begins over 50 years ago, when our mum, who has an incredibly green thumb, grew and sourced her own herbs and plants to help her large family and friends keep their homes clean and fresh, as well as fix many skin ailments from itchy bites to sunburn. With that same commitment and passion to keeping our own families and home environment safe, we knew we needed to share what mum had given us on a larger scale. So to start with we have developed a beautiful new range of cleaning products using amazing natural ingredients including Australian Blue gum and eucalyptus oils, as well incorporating the exotic like the anti-fungal and antiseptic qualities of the Indian Clove oil. So, we wanted to bring a product range to market that was natural, didn’t have anything nasty in it but was also effective and affordable. After 18 months in development, we launched the Euclove product range in February 2017. We are proud of our packaging that we feel would look great on any bench top as well as our... More
HeapsGood Packaging
HeapsGood is a sustainable packaging company, providing a range of product options aimed specifically at the eCommerce market. We are putting the eco into e-commerce!
Honeybee Wrap
Australian Made and owned Honeybee wrap uses an Antibacterial blend of ingredients. We make the thickest long lasting wraps on the market. Honeybee Wrap is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap and a fantastic food preserver. By using a beeswax food wrap you are helping to reduce the 8 million tons of plastic that enters our oceans each year!
ORA Fabulous Fibres
Welcome to ORA Fabulous Fibres - the home of naturally beautiful yarn!  At ORA we love natural yarns and have an extensive and beautiful collection which includes vegan, recycled and fair trade yarns sourced from across the globe. Our plant-based range includes eco-friendly and sustainable raffia, banana silk, pineapple, hemp, coconut, ramie and bamboo fibres. Our beautiful recycled yarns and cords are crafted using repurposed waste materials from the production of textiles including sari silk, sari cotton, linen and wool. Yarns in our Recycled collection are different and are fabulous for those looking for something different - some have fabulous texture whilst others are crafted in such a way that no two are ever the same.  Be inspired by our wonderful selection of paper yarn and string and be tempted to try something different. We are proud to support a number of fair trade and sustainable partnerships with communities in developing countries.  ORA love artisan yarns and stock one of the... More
Ovi Earth
Discover organic skincare made from in the southern most state of Australia. We are a 100% family owned business based in Tasmania. Ovi Earth creates organic creams that are hand made in small batches, using the lowest heat possible to ensure the benefits of the individual ingredients are maintained during the process. 
RASCO Enterprises Pty Ltd T/A Joonya
Why Joonya? Joonya is an Australian brand whose mission is to delight the community with convenient access to non-toxic & earth-friendly products at affordable prices. The idea for the Joonya eco-store was born out of frustration with existing options. Most eco-themed baby products are far too expensive, considering that many are not offering an ideal product to begin with. On the other hand, the cheaper options most of us are forced to use are made by large multinational companies who rely on their marketing and distribution channels to flood the market with inferior products. We strongly believe that parents should not have to sacrifice the health of their baby or the environment in order to afford a quality product. The days of the multinational companies’ market domination are coming to an end. Smaller, more customer-focused and ethical brands such as Joonya can thrive in the new era by offering a direct-to-consumer, online model that bypasses traditional channels. Joonya customer agreement... More
Sinchies reusable pouches
Sinchies offers a versatile system of clear, reusable, eco-friendly, BPA free, plastic pouches and reusable ziplock bags used for storing and serving nutritious liquids, soft foods, sauces and salad dressings without the preservatives and sugars found in most pre-packaged goods. With Sinchies, you’ve got the store bought convenience with healthy homemade goodness on the inside for optimum nutrition – and they can be used time and time again. What’s more, the retail price of a pouch is less than the throw away ones you buy in store. Our pouches allow you and your children to eat healthy, homemade goodness while on the run, out and about at work or at school! The greatest thing about Sinchies reusable baby food pouches is that they have so many uses beyond yoghurt, smoothies, jelly and baby food purees. You can use them for storing dips, soups, spice rubs, toiletries or for the needs of children with disabilities and the elderly. Take them camping and travelling – our 80ml pouch is perfect for... More